Legacy Pre-Workout
Legacy Pre-Workout
Legacy Pre-Workout
Legacy Pre-Workout
Legacy Pre-Workout
Legacy Pre-Workout
Legacy Pre-Workout

Legacy Pre-Workout

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  • Science Backed Formulas
  • Naturally Flavored and Sweetened
  • Free of fillers and junk
All the Pump, None of the Junk


Our formula was designed from real research by real people. We formulated our profile by using scientific data to back-up what is being used. We dont use any proprietary blends or "Special" ingredients. All while keeping the product free of junk and unnecessary fillers.

Just the ingredients below with some flavor and sweetener to make it enjoyable.


We use only Natural caffeine made from real green coffee beans. Natural caffeine gives you the boost in energy while reducing a post workout caffeine crash.

The pump ingredient, blood flow, reduce fatigue, healthier blood vessels, power, and endurance output, potentially helps with post-workout soreness.

Buffers lactic acid which can help with more endurance. Studies show it helps produce more lean muscle mass.

Growth hormone activation, power output in acute testing (explosive exercise), mental focus for muscle contraction, and cognitive function.

Muscle protein synthesis, power output, anabolic support fights catabolism (muscle tissue breakdown).

Aids in prolonged exercise, and boosts nitric oxide levels.

Helps increase absorption of supplements.

How We Stand Out

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Best stuff in the business and it’s super clean. Really love and recommend this pre workout.

Rick S.

I got pre workout and creatine. I’ve been very pleased with both. The pre workout works quickly and lasts for a whole workout. I like the fact that it isn’t full of unnecessary stuff that’s not healthy for you. Thanks Legacy and looking forward to when you make more supplements in the future.

Tanner D.
Awesome energy

I’ve tried a lot of pre workouts but this is the first that has been consistent in performance.

Tyler W.
Unlike any other pre I’ve had!

This pre gives me a sustained pump with great energy! It’s all natural so I don’t even have to think about what I’m putting in my body! The taste is great even with no added sugar! Highly recommend!

Nate S.

This pre-workout is amazing! It delivers an intense pump and I love that it's all natural!

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